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Keep your existing number

Porting your number to Fobos Telecom gives you the flexibility to move anywhere while still keeping the same number. Fobos Telecom support number porting from all Australian carriers. Number belongs to you and can also be ported away to any other provider.

Number Porting Type


CAT A - simple porting (any carrier)
CAT A monthly hosting fee (per number per month)

Note: CAT A in most cases is porting from basic PSTN line but in some cases other VoIP Providers also allow CAT A porting. Please give us a call to confirm. If incorrect information is supplied on the porting application and your porting is rejected, following rejection fees will apply:

CAT A rejection
CAT C (complex porting)

Note: CAT C is porting of services from other carriers supplying ISDN or VoIP services.
Multiple numbers can be ported at the same time for one fixed price.
Numbers must be on the same account.
Price of CAT C porting will depend on the underlying wholesale carrier for your number.
If you current provider is not listed here, most likely they resell one of the companies listed below.

Group 1: Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Powertel, Verizon, Symbio, Gotalk, iVox
Group 2: Primus, Soul, TPG, iiNet, Internode

CAT C 1-5 numbers Group 1
CAT C 1-5 numbers Group 2
CAT C 6-100 numbers Group 1
CAT C 6-100 numbers Group 2

If incorrect information is supplied on the porting application and your porting is rejected, following rejection fees will apply:

CAT C 1-5 numbers rejection
CAT C 6-100 numbers rejection

CAT C Ported numbers monthly hosting fees (numbers have to be in one consecutive block)

1 Ported number
5 Ported number
10 Ported number
100 Ported number
1300/1800 Porting
Porting to Fobos from another carrier
Porting out from Fobos to another carrier
1300/1800 rejection

Other fees and charges

Porting your number to Our pricing structure is transparent.
No hidden fees.
Below you can find any other charges that may apply.

Other Fees


Simple change request
Complex change request
Late payment fee
Suspended service reconnection
Debt recovery activites
Larger of $55 or 25%
As per Australia Post

Localised inbound numbers

Instead of using inbound numbers from major capital cities You can order inbound numbers from your local area or from most major suburbs Those numbers will have multiple inbound/outbound call capacity on any of our hosted PBX plans



Activation fee
Monthly service fee

Note: As per ACMA regulations
For inbound numbers outside of your geographical location calls will be charged as if you are located in the area normally associated with that number; You may not be able to port this number to another provider if that provider refuse to accept the out of area numbers.

Prices in AUD inc GST