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Cloud VoIP services for residential, business and enterprise users in Australia. Integration with CRM for increasing sales and loyalty of clients.

Voip call centre solution


Easy integration

Fast and easy integration with CRM system

Customised setting up

System could be set up according to your needs

Unified phone system

All branches and remote staff work in one network


Connect to one or more providers to receive the lowest price and the better quality

You receive atomized system, which saves time and cost:

  • Up to 3 min on each incoming call
  • Up to 50 sec on each outgoing call
  • Up to 2 min on call routing
  • As a result no one client is missed

For who:

  • Call centres
  • Telemarketing centres
  • Online shops
  • Consulting companies
Call Centre


  • Outgoing call from CRM – Make a call by pressing one button in your CRM system
  • Incoming call to CRM – CRM opens the customer’s profile with all the information when an incoming call
  • Email integration – send emails directly from CRM system
  • Call routing – Incoming call may be automatically routed to particular manager or a group
  • Call history – All incoming and outgoing calls save in CRM system as audio files. You can also listen to any record.

We are creating tomorrow’s call centre today with innovative technology and a commitment to outstanding service. Our VoIP solutions for call centres are built around VoIP phone systems. Very often average small-to-medium business can miss a large amount of calls from potential customers due to lack of staff. One way you can overcome this is with VoIP call centre. It’s very flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution that helps increase productivity and growth. You need the call centre to not only deal with a massive volume of calls but to make each interaction more positive for your customers and more valuable for your company. Our call centre solution also means your agents have immediate access to client history and real time reporting to ensure call completion rates increase. That means they can respond faster and personalise the experience to build customer loyalty. Only with VoIP call centre any company can have the best implementation of automatic call distribution queuing available. Call centre solutions can have multiple methods for call distribution, which moves entire groups of people in to help take calls when load is heavy. The advantage of a VoIP contact centre solution is that workers don’t necessarily need to work in the same location. Fobos Telecom call centre solution is easy to deploy, integrates with your existing infrastructure, phone and database systems and grows with your needs.