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CRM gives you a full view of your pipeline and sales department. You can be confident that every lead is being nurtured and every lead follow-up is being completed.

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AmoCRM Partnership Certificate

About This Software

With just 10 minutes needed to setup, amoCRM is the most intuitive Web-based CRM solution on the market. However, amoCRM is very functional and powerful for your sales team CRM needs. Pipeline management, performance analysis and integration with other services. Out-of-box, amoCRM is ready to provide website and voice calling integration. You can setup your account with custom fields, tags and lead statuses. amoCRM will then provide comprehensive analytics and reporting.

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Salesforce Partnership

About This Software

With Salesforce, small businesses achieve more. Find, Win & Keep customers and grow like no body's business. Salesforce CRM helps small businesses stay organised and build stronger relationships with their customers. Every step of a sale - from phone calls and emails to collaboration with colleagues is tracked in a single place to help manage your business effectively.

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We connect all known CRM to Hosted PBX and Dedicated PBX. To do this we apply AJAM, AMI technologies, and also integrate PHP/Perl/Bach scripts. This job takes no more than an hour. Our experts pay extra attention to the security, checking each function and script vulnerabilities.